United Lisbon International School
Boy at computer at home

Using Microsoft Teams and other tools, we are totally set up to do online schooling

At United Lisbon, we treasure personal relations, but we acknowledge that learning must seamlessly go beyond the time that we spend together in the same classroom. We believe that meaningful use of technology will make a difference for student learning every day. At the same time, this also prepares us – in extreme situations as the current COVID-19 crisis – to continue communicating, continue learning, and maintain valuable community interactions, while e.g. facing social distancing measures as we are today.

As a truly innovative school, we are working towards this goal by designing our learning ecosystem with state-of-the-art technology and collaboration tools and an extensive 1:1 program. Through our partnership with Microsoft, our students have the ability to learn using the same kit of applications as they would be used in the workspace of today and tomorrow. Hence, they do not only acquire subject-related skills as a result of learning at United Lisbon, but also become digital citizens prepared for the 21st century. Microsoft Teams – part of Office 365 – will be a key tool to support our students in learning in and beyond the classroom, and to facilitate communication with the faculty and the wider community. Additional tools, such as Seesaw (https://web.seesaw.me/), help to guide, document and share student learning at different age-groups, and complement the digital learning ecosystem specifically for our younger learners.