United Lisbon International School
United Lisbon play-based learning approach

United Lisbon play-based learning approach

In the Early Childhood and continuing into the Elementary we value playful inquiry and incorporate a play-based learning approach. Play-based learning is child-led and open-ended play, it honors the child as a learner and our embodies our ULIS Ownership Principle, Everyone can learn how to learn, and has the right and responsibility to do so. We all learn differently and we own our own learning.´ Play is important at all ages, even for adults.

Think about the last time you got a new device, and someone asked you how you liked it. Your response was probably close to, “I don´t know yet, I need to play with it.” As adults we afford ourselves the opportunity to acquire knowledge and figure things out through playing with something and at ULIS we give our learners the opportunity to do the same.

The NAEYC offers five essentials of meaningful play:

  1. Children make their own decisions
  2. Children are intrinsically motivated
  3. Children become immersed in the moment
  4. Play is spontaneous and not scripted
  5. Play is enjoyable

Play is the foundation of learning. It not only helps a child learn cognitively, but it also benefits children in many ways such as social, emotional, and physical development. Dr. Tiff Jumaily, a paediatrician, states, “Without proper play, kids do not have the chance to stretch their imagination and build the skills they need to succeed in the workplace and in their life. A lack of play can also stunt an individual’s social and emotional development.