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Growing up between cultures

Growing up between cultures

Families move to another country for a wide range of reasons. Although this type of global movement is becoming more common, it still is a hard process. Moving to a new country, where nothing resembles what you left back is challenging, especially for children, who may struggle to adjust to a new country with different culture and language.

In our increasingly globalized world, it is more important than ever that our children understand the wider world and develop a global mindset. By selecting an international school, your child will enjoy many opportunities for growth and development in a supportive and multicultural environment. Such environment is conducive to developing tolerance and expanding knowledge about other cultures, as well as to shaping soft skills, which are extremely valuable in the modern labour market.

International Schools are culturally diverse spaces and allow students to connect with children from all over the world, and culturally aware teachers, from many different countries. These schools provide an education based on an international curriculum for an international community. Students will have the opportunity to develop their ability to cooperate with people who have different characteristics, customs and cultural norms. They also learn the concepts of tolerance, mutual respect, empathy, and understanding of others. Attending an international school is an enriching experience for students of all ages that helps to shape the citizens of the world.

Parents also have an important role regarding their children’s integration in school. Regardless of age, the best thing they can do is to make children stronger by ingraining in them a higher sense of responsibility and the feeling that, through effort and courage, they will overcome the barriers that they face in their new country. 

At the end of the day, the kids’ successful transition to a new setting is closely related to how they truly feel about that place.