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The United Lisbon Academy

At United Lisbon Academy, we offer students access to training in a range of extra-curricular skills and fields of study that represent the best of what Lisbon has to offer – all in the Academy.

The Academy will launch with offers in a range of music, dance and sports that United Lisbon students can pursue as extracurricular activities. Soon, we will also have offers in technology, such as coding and robotics. This leaflet lists details for the current offers. For each, you can learn more about the teachers and their qualifications, as well as terms of subscription.

To enroll in any of the classes offered, please complete and return the registration form for extracurricular activities.

Football at the United Lisbon Academy
Outdoor Space

Football at the Academy with Sporting CP

Our teaching partner, Milton Filipe Rodrigues de Jesus

Milton Jesus has a degree in Physical Education and Sports.

He has a vast experience in working with children, having been a coach and coordinator of football academies.

About the sport - Sporting CP Soccer Academy ULIS Presentation

About the sport - Sporting CP Soccer Academy ULIS Presentation

The creation of the Sporting CP Soccer Academy ULIS was born from a partnership between Sporting Clube de Portugal and United Lisbon International School, and its main goal is to reach all children, a high-quality sports training through the practice of football, as well as to contribute to their health in all its aspects – developing good living habits and a taste for regular sports practice. The academy is open to boys and girls aged between 4 and 15 years. The technical team of the academy has the appropriate training and professional experience considered necessary to carry out their functions in the sports training of children and young practitioners. The training sessions are based on and evaluated according to the methodological guidelines defined by Sporting Clube de Portugal. In this way, the methodology of training and teaching football implemented allows children and young practitioners to develop continuously and progressively their technical-tactical, physical, psychological and social skills and competences.

Price (from Grade 1 to Grade 9)

1 lesson per week: minimum of 6 | Kit Sporting CP Soccer Academy ULIS: 75€
Monthly price: 40€ at ULIS campus from K4 – Kindergarten

2 lessons per week: minimum of 6 | Kit Sporting CP Soccer Academy ULIS: 75€
Monthly price: 60€ at ULIS campus

from Grade 1 – Grade 9 (14 years old)

Rugby at the Academy
Rugby at the Academy in United Lisbon

Rugby at the Academy

Our teaching partners, Hayden Hann and Kane Hayden

The Técnico Rugby was born in 1963. Campo das Olaias is a modern sports complex, exclusively dedicated to Rugby.

The Clube de Rugby do Técnico is today an unavoidable reference in Portuguese Rugby. It involves annually about 300 athletes divided by all training classes and has regularly players involved in the national teams. In addition to the numerous trophies achieved, it has already become national champion in all classes of competition. In 1999 we formed a women’s team, taking another step in the plurality that characterises us.

Our identity and the values we defend have marked and continue to influence the thousands of players who have worn our emblem and left their mark and identity on it. For all this, the Clube de Rugby do Técnico assumes itself not only as a Rugby Club but as a school of life and solid values such as friendship, team spirit and the will to fight against all adversities.

It has Coaches devotedly accredited by the Portuguese Rugby Federation, with a vast experience in the training of the sport at young levels.

About Rugby in United Lisbon
About Rugby in United Lisbon International School

About the sport

Rugby, as a sport, is an excellent link to cultivate fundamental principles of training, highlighting team spirit, mutual help and commitment.
Although it may seem a complex sport, it is extremely easy to play. Because of its characteristics it makes its practitioners brave (because of the need for the correct application of defensive and offensive principles); intelligent (because of the understanding to which a game of conquest and combat forces in the logic of choosing the right options in the face of the various situations that arise); with great ability to adapt to the enormity of situations of uncertainty that the game allows and in solidarity with the strong team spirit that develops.
In other words, there is an enormous transfer to the future on a professional and social level, so we can convincingly say that the practice of rugby is an enormous preparation for life.

Price (from Grade 1): 90€ per month (2x per week) (include: game jersey, shorts and socks)

Minimum of 6, includes supervision and transport

Tennis team

Tennis & Padel at the Academy with the Lisbon Racket Club

Our teaching partners

A young team, energetic and ready to make you run and try your best, turning you into the best tennis player possible.
Rodrigo Freitas, Antonio Rosinha, Jose Campos, Bruno Pedrosa e Eduardo Lameiras are our tennis teachers.

All of them share characteristics that we are proud of. They started to play tennis at ages of 3 to 5, competed in the national circuit, at top rankings, internationally, some reached ATP points. These 5 teachers, taught in a couple ou prestigious national clubs, such as Felner Academy and Caldas da Rainha. It is mandatory at LRC to have the tennis coach course approved by the Portuguese tennis federation.

Fluent in English and have total availability to help their students. At Lisboa Racket Centre, you will find and amazing and safe country club, that suits every family member. Surrounded by nature, 10 outdoor and 10 indoor tennis, padel and squash courts, some of our team member have more than 20 years of experience teaching these 3 racquet sports.

Tennis court
Playing Tennis

About the sport

Tennis is a healthy way of living. Help improving concentration and physical characteristics. It helps to encounter challenges and overcome them. Learning, fun and discipline is where our tennis team focus on. At Lisboa Racket Centre, tennis has been played for 28 years long and several ITF and national tournaments have taken place. João Sousa, Frederico Gil, Maria João Koehler, Lloyd Harris, Fred Silva where some of these tournament’s participants.

Price: 146€ (2x per week)

Padel Tennis

Lisboa Racket Centre was the first club in Portugal with padel courts. With a padel school with over 10 years of experience, with international experience, and teachers that are part of the national team and tournament winners, our team adapts to players needs by helping on improving their skills, technique and win their games.
Over the past decade, it has been possible to watch, in our court to World Padel Tour, American Padel Tour, and European and National Championships, where Fernando Belastegin, Juan Martin Diaz, Diogo Rocha, Diogo Schaefer, Uri Botello, Willy Lahoz, Fede Quiles, Carolina Navarro, Ana Catarina Nogueira and Sofia Araújo participated.

Price: 146€ (2x per week)

Music at the academy

Our Coordinator partner, Andreia Azevedo

Andreia Azevedo is a viola and violin teacher at the Music Academy.
She graduated from the National Superior Academy of Orchestra (Portugal) and has perfected her studies in Spain, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Switzerland and USA.
She puts into practice the traditional and suzuki methodology.
Andreia has been teaching children and young people for twenty years besides playing in orchestra.

She is a founding member of the FazMúsica quartet.

Andreia Azevedo

About the activity

At the United Lisbon Academy your child will learn to listen to, enjoy and create music through singing and playing a musical instrument. Music at the Academy complements the curriculum.
Your child will develop the ability to listen to a musical work and recognize it in terms of its characteristics, styles and contexts. In individual and group classes, the students develop vocal and instrumental practice. In a more practical or theoretical context, the student also develops the ability to create and improvise.
Music is an essential language and form of expression to form a round person. Many studies prove that musical education fosters the development of auditory, affective and tactile memory, as well as logical reasoning, persistence and concentration, among many other cognitive aspects.
Individual lessons of the instrument are from 5 years of age and aim to learn to play an instrument. Students must have their musical instrument to train at home and in class. Only the Piano and Drums are available in the classroom.
The student can attend the Academy in the free teaching modality or in the complete program. By participating in Instrumental, Musical training and Ensemble classes, the student has a complete education that will be certified with an exam and a diploma by the Music Teachers Board.
Please note that participation in music at the Academy is a full semester commitment.

Kindergarten and Grade 1

Individual Instrument Lesson

– One or two individual lessons
per week -30 minute lesson

Musical instruments available:
Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano and Guitar

One 30 minute lesson per week:
90€ per month

Two 30 minute classes per week:
170€ per month

Ensemble Class
– One group lesson per week – 45 minute lesson
– 35€ per month
– Minimum of 4 students
– Ensembles: strings, guitars.

Full Music Programme
– Individual Instrument Lesson
– Ensemble Class
– MTB Certification
( This International Certification implies annual attendance of both classes and an exam at the end of the year that will be paid on the day of the exam)

Grade 2 to Grade 5

Individual Instrument Lesson

1 or 2 individual lessons per week
45 minute lesson

Musical instruments available: Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Saxophone, Drums, Side Flute, Trumpet, Voice.

One 45 minute class per week:
100€ per month

Two 45 minute classes per week:
190€ per month

Ensemble Class
– One group lesson per week – 45 minute lesson
– 35€ per month
– Minimum of 4 students
– Ensembles: strings, guitars, combo.

Musical Training – individual lesson
(the prices are the same as for the 45′ instrument class)

Full Music Programme
– Individual Instrument Lesson
– Ensemble Class
– Musical Training
– MTB Certification
( This International Certification implies annual attendance of both classes and an exam at the end of the year that will be paid on the day of the exam)

Grade 6 to Grade 10

Individual Musical Instrument

1 or 2 individual lessons per week
60 minute lesson

Musical instruments available: Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Saxophone, Drums, Side Flute, Trumpet, Voice.

One 60 minute class per week:
120€ per month

Two 60 minute classes per week:
230€ per month

Ensemble Class
– One group lesson per week – 45 minute lesson
– 35€ per month
– Minimum of 4 students
– Ensembles: strings, guitars, combo.

Musical Training – individual lesson
(the prices are the same as for the 45′ instrument class)

Full Music Programme
– Individual Instrument Lesson
– Ensemble Class
– Musical Training
– MTB Certification
( This International Certification implies annual attendance of both classes and an exam at the end of the year that will be paid on the day of the exam)

Martial Arts Kids
Martial Arts at United Lisbon Teacher

Martial Arts at the Academy

STAT Martial arts was founded in 2008 by Pedro Tanger, who decided to follow his mission to “Empower people through martial arts”.

Master Tânger realised that each class could serve not only to teach Martial Arts but also to develop core life-skills such as Attitude, Self-empowerment or Leadership skills.

13 years afterwards, STAT Martial Arts counts with more than 800 students, 5 academies and has trained European and World champions in Songahm Taekwondo.

Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts Academy Kids Action

About the sport

STAT Martial Arts teaches Life Skills through martial arts. Discipline, Self-Esteem and Confidence are only a few of the skills thought through this road to Black Belt. The purpose is to empower students so they become mentally, physically and emotionally stronger. So, by improving the Songahm Taekwondo techniques, we expect to help our students to improve their grades, their attitude and self-worth.

K3 – Kindergarden – 1 per week 45€ per month.
Grade 1 – Grade 10 – 2 per week 70 € per month.

The United Lisbon Speakwell Academy

Speakwell, founded in 1995, is a language school, specializing in language teaching for adults, young people and children, developing adapted courses to each student or group.

It is a certified school, an exam preparation center, and a Cambridge Learning Partner, which allows teachers to receive the best possible training in the field of foreign language teaching.

Our teachers are native or bilingual, experienced and qualified, with the possibility of teaching a variety of languages.

Speakwell is based on the following ethical principles: Quality, Professionalism, Vitality, Enthusiasm, Dynamic Performance, Cooperation, Productivity.

Speakwell - We will teach you how
The United Lisbon Speakwell Academy
The United Lisbon Speakwell Academy language teaching
The United Lisbon Speakwell Academy activty


Each student is unique, as such, Speakwell is flexible in its approach to language study and learning.
We build tailored programs and develop our own materials when necessary, in line with the Common European Framework of Reference (SECRF).
Our pedagogical practice is based on native or bilingual teacher interaction, with adequate training and experience in language teaching.
We use an interactive teaching method and a communicative and practical approach, with interesting activities such as role play, discussions, games, use of audio and video to maximize student participation and facilitate language learning.
Each student will have to take a non-binding needs assessment test, free of charge, before starting the course.

Learning a language is a motivating and amusing asset!

Language courses available in 2021/22 are Spanish, French, German and Mandarin, courses in other languages pending on request.
All courses consist of two, fifty-minute weekly lessons, except for Mandarin which consists of three fifty-minute weekly lessons.


From Grade 1

90€ per month (2x per week)
135€ per month (3x per week)
34,50€ Private Class (1 hour)

Fashion at The ULIS Academy with Companhia das Agulhas

Companhia das Agulhas was created in 2015 as a sewing and knitting school. In 2018, we saw our training activity certified by DGERT and, alongside the school, we opened a fabric, yarn and haberdashery shop. Currently, the school and store are located next to Praça de Espanha, in Lisbon.
We have sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, macramé, weaving and felting classes, courses and workshops.
We seek to bring the arts of yesterday to today, promoting a handcrafted lifestyle in harmony with the environment. Integrating children in these arts is one of our goals and for this, we created Sewing Holidays, where we have taught, during the last years, hundreds of children and teens, the various arts we have at school.
At Companhia das Agulhas, we believe that makers are happier and have a superpower that will never be lost..

Logo Companhia das Agulhas
Sewing School Companhia das Agulhas
Companhia das Agulhas Lisboa
Knitting School Companhia das Agulhas

About the activity

Over the several classes, we’ll learn the basics of sewing and start treating the sewing machine by “you”. We will start by making simpler projects, such as accessories, so that each student gains confidence in using the sewing machine and quickly feels the feeling of a finished project. As that confidence builds, we will increase the level of difficulty for each project by introducing new techniques such as macramé, embroidery, knitting and crochet.

The objective will be to provide participants with skills that allow them to make and customize clothes and accessories, working not only on creativity, but also on team spirit, promoting mutual help and training fine motor skills.

From Grade 6 onwards
Price: 120€ per month (2h twice a week)

Sporting Swimming at the Academy

The swimming section of Sporting Clube de Portugal was created in May 1921. The first decades of swimming were also a reflection of the state of the sport in our country, still in the process of development. The teachers will be: Vítor Joaquim Celestino Aldeias, swimming teacher at Sporting since 2006 and with a vast experience in teaching swimming to children. Andreia Cataria Silva Martins, Sporting swimming teacher since 2005, with a vast experience in teaching swimming to children.

In Swimming, children learn through observation and socialisation to develop autonomy in water. The stimuli received in lessons contribute to a good physical, mental and emotional development, preparing children for a more complex cognitive reasoning.

At United Lisbon International School’s swimming will be carried out according to a model of “Recreational Play”. This is an adjustable and versatile method in which adaptation to the aquatic environment (for beginners) and elementary learning is developed in a playful and recreational perspective, working very well for small or medium sized groups.

One per week – 130€
From Grade 1 until Grade 10

Sporting United Lisbon Academy
Vitor Aldeias
Little girl is swimming smiling
Underwater young little cute girl is swimming

Sporting CP Roller Skating at The Academy

Sporting CP’s skating section is one of the most historic with more national and international titles.
David Pereira has a degree in Human Motricity, a Master’s in Sports Training and a vast experience in teaching roller skating.

About Sport
Roller Skating has as its main benefits the increase of resistance and muscular strength, the development of agility, balance, reaction capacity and motor coordination.

In addition to these physical benefits, roller skating strengthens the self-esteem and self-confidence of children and young people, with the first approaches, the acquisition of static and dynamic balance and the correct placement of supports.

Roller Skating also favours the development of skills that can prepare children and young people for mastering other disciplines such as snow skiing, water skiing, windsurfing and others where balance is present.

Once per week – 80€
Frome K4 until Grade 10

Sporting United Lisbon Academy
Sporting CP Roller Skating at The Academy
Girl learning roller skate
tying roller skate lace

Jazzy Dance Studios

Created in 2011, Jazzy Dance Studios is today the most influential dance school in our country, with schools in Lisbon (Santos, Saldanha, Entrecampos, Parede) and Porto (Trindade).

Classes start at just two years of age as Jazzy believes that dance is a tool that allows children to grow up happier, working on their energy and innate curiosity from an early age. Starting with plays and activities that appeal to rhythmic movement, dance stimulates brain activity and develops corporal expression.

Over time, this process of individual discovery gives way to collective knowledge, with the social side being highly valued during pre-teen and adolescent years.

Jazzy Dance Studios
Jazzy Dance Studios influential dance school

About the sport

With a decade of experience, Jazzy Dance Studios is collaborating with United Lisbon International School for the first time, creating a class programme capable of working the creative, artistic, emotional and social aspects, through a plurality of styles designed for each age group:

  • from 3 to 5 years old: Creative Dance
  • from 6 to 9 years old: Contemporary, Pop Dance and Ballet
  • from 9 to 12 years old: Contemporary and Pop Dance
  • from 13 to 16 years old: Contemporary and Pop Dance

All work is developed for each individual class in order to acquire dance skills that will increase learner’s confidence and help to develop autonomy in the studio as well as on stage.

1 Classes per week – 40€
Combo 2 classes per week – 70€

Jazzy Dance Studios Lisbon
Jazzy Dance Studios Lisboa

Fencing at the academy

Our teaching partner, Ana Cláudia Teixeira Paulino Cabral

Ana Cabral holds a degree in Physical Education from the Faculty of Human Motricity. Master of Fencing at the 3 Weapons by the Italian Academy of Masters of Arms of Naples.

Ana was a high-competition fencing athlete between 1995 and 2010, was an Athlete of the Olympic Project – Athens 2004, Participant in European and World Fencing Championships representing the National Team, medalled in National and International Championships.

Ana Cabral

She is a Coach of Fencing – Grade II, having been coach, among others of the Athletes of the Olympic Hopes Project of Portugal and Trainer in Training Actions for Teachers and Coaches.


About the sport

Fencing is an elegant modern sport that has been enjoyed by people around the world since the middle ages. It’s a challenge both physically and tactically between two opponents, using weapons called foil, epee, and saber It’s one of the fastest and more elegant Olympic sports. An opposition sport that strives for respect and cordiality towards the opponent. The manipulation of a fencing weapon endows the student with great responsibility and self-control. Fencing is an innovative, pedagogically rich sports discipline that performs cross-cutting and interdisciplinary work, contributing to greater reaction speed, more flexibility, development of general and specific coordination and favouring lateralization.

The practice of fencing also brings pedagogical benefits to its practitioners.

• The face-to-face in a limited space, as well as the restricted visual field, favour the development of cognitive abilities concentration and attention.
• Each planned or unforeseen situation leads to an adapted response, developing the analytical and decision-making capabilities.
• Oculus-manual coordination is developed by driving the blade tip in the direction of the valid surface, developing the accuracy.
• The use of the mask allows the student to express himself/herself more freely, contributing to self-confidence
• The need to constantly control their actions and to frame the opponent’s reactions force the student to control his emotions such as impulsivity, anger, abatement, and excessive enthusiasm, developing self-control
• The Ceremonial is the outward sign of a tactical commitment of respect for the adversary. At the end of the assault after the salute, the handshake recalls the politeness and fair play. manifests to your opponent, whether it is stronger or weaker. Strengthening courtesy and loyalty.

Fencing once a week 50 minutes class: 70€ per month
Fencing Twice a week 50 minuts class: 130€ per month

Students Grade 1-2

(Material for plastic sword)

Plastic mask
Plastic sword

Students Grade 3-9

(Material for electric sward)

Electric Sword
Body Wire
Breast protection (girls only)
High socks
Half protection
Fencing jacket
Fencing pants

AIC at the Academy

The Academia Internacional de Cinema (AIC) is a film school with branches in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, known for its excellence demonstrated in more than 3200 films produced by students along the school’s seventeen years of activities. Our programs, exclusive and innovative, combine applied theory and hands on methodology to provide students with the necessary tools to work as creative professionals in the various areas of filmmaking.

Academia Internacional de Cinema (AIC)
Film works

Our faculty is formed by experienced instructors and filmmakers working locally and Internationally in the industry. We offer more than 40 film courses, covering the entire spectrum of audiovisual production — from idea to distribution, including: continuing education courses, technical degree programs in Film Directing and in Acting for Film & TV, and also a comprehensive catalogue of online courses. Throughout the year, the school hosts a series of events, screenings and lectures open to the public, as well as special workshops with well-known filmmakers, adding to the discussions around filmmaking and the film market.

About Film & storytelling

Create a set of characters and turn a story into a script.

In this class, students learn how to identify different film themes and genres, including Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction, and Thriller/Horror. They will learn how to create characters, dialogue, plots, scenes and settings, and explore the fundamentals of audiovisual dramaturgy, looking into the concept of “The Hero’s Journey” and its significance in films like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Forest Gump and other iconic stories.

In a workshop format, students work on practical assignments, both individually and collaboratively. At the end of the course, they will have developed their own scripts for a short film.

About Film and storytelling
Filmmaking online

All extra-curricular activities in the Academy will be reviewed every term so please check with our Admissions Team during the Admissions process what the latest list of activities offered is and whether there is space for your child.