The United Lisbon Academy

At United Lisbon Academy, we offer students access to training in a range of extra-curricular skills and fields of study that represent the best of what
Lisbon has to offer – all in the Academy.

The Academy will launch with offers in a range of music, dance and sports that United Lisbon students can pursue as extra-curricular activities.
Soon, we will also have offers in technology, such as coding and robotics.

This leaflet lists details for the current offers. For each, you can learn more about the teachers and their qualifications, as well as terms of subscription.

To enroll in any of the classes offered, please complete and return the registration form for extracurricular

Music at the academy

Our Teaching partner, Andreia Azevedo

Andreia Azevedo is a viola and violin teacher at the Music Academy.

She graduated from the National Superior Academy of Orchestra (Portugal) and has perfected her studies in Spain, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Switzerland and USA.

She puts into practice the traditional and suzuky methodology.

Andreia has been teaching children and young people for twenty years besides playing in orchestra. She is a founding member of the FazMúsica quartet.


About the activity

At the United Lisbon Academy your child will learn to listen to, enjoy and create music through singing and playing a musical instrument. Music at the Academy complements the curriculum.

Your child will develop the ability to listen to a musical work and recognize it in terms of its characteristics, styles and contexts. In individual and group classes, the students develop vocal and instrumental practice. In a more practical or theoretical context, the student also develops the ability to create and improvise.

Music is an essential language and form of expression to form a round person. Many studies prove that musical education fosters the development of auditory, affective and tactile memory, as well as logical reasoning, persistence and concentration, among many other cognitive aspects.

Individual lessons of the instrument are from 5 years of age and aim to learn to play an instrument. Students must have their musical instrument to train at home and in class. Only the Piano and Drums are available in the classroom.

Please note that participation in music at the Academy is a full semester commitment.

Kindergarten and Grade 1

Individual Instrument Lesson

– One or two individual lessons
per week -30 minute lesson

Musical instruments available:
Violin, Cello and Guitar

One 30 minute lesson per week:
90€ per month

Two 30 minute classes per week:
170€ per month

Grade 2 to Grade 5

Individual Instrument Lesson

1 or 2 individual lessons per week
45 minute lesson
Musical instruments available:
Violin, Viola, Cello, Classical Guitar,
Electric Guitar, Bass,
Saxophone, Piano and Drums

One 45 minute class per week:
100€ per month

Two 45 minute classes per week:
190€ per month

Grade 6 to Grade 9

Musical Instrument

1 or 2 individual lessons per week
60 minute lesson

Musical instruments available:
Violin, Viola, Cello, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass,
Saxophone, Piano and Drums

One 60 minute class per week:
120€ per month

Two 60 minute classes per week:
230€ per month

Fencing at the academy

Our teaching partner, Ana Cláudia Teixeira Paulino Cabral

Ana Cabral holds a degree in Physical Education from the Faculty of Human Motricity. Master of Fencing at the 3 Weapons by the Italian Academy of Masters of Arms of Naples.

Ana was a high-competition fencing athlete between 1995 and 2010, was an Athlete of the Olympic Project – Athens 2004, Participant in European and World Fencing Championships representing the National Team, medalled in National and International Championships.

Ana Cabral

She is a Coach of Fencing – Grade II, having been coach, among others of the Athletes of the Olympic Hopes Project of Portugal and Trainer in Training Actions for Teachers and Coaches.


About the sport

Fencing is an elegant modern sport that has been enjoyed by people around the world since the middle ages. It’s a challenge both physically and tactically between two opponents, using weapons called foil, epee, and saber It’s one of the fastest and more elegant Olympic sports. An opposition sport that strives for respect and cordiality towards the opponent. The manipulation of a fencing weapon endows the student with great responsibility and self-control. Fencing is an innovative, pedagogically rich sports discipline that performs cross-cutting and interdisciplinary work, contributing to greater reaction speed, more flexibility, development of general and specific coordination and favouring lateralization.

The practice of fencing also brings pedagogical benefits to its practitioners.

• The face-to-face in a limited space, as well as the restricted visual field, favour the development of cognitive abilities concentration and attention.
• Each planned or unforeseen situation leads to an adapted response, developing the analytical and decision-making capabilities.
• Oculus-manual coordination is developed by driving the blade tip in the direction of the valid surface, developing the accuracy.
• The use of the mask allows the student to express himself/herself more freely, contributing to self-confidence
• The need to constantly control their actions and to frame the opponent’s reactions force the student to control his emotions such as impulsivity, anger, abatement, and excessive enthusiasm, developing self-control
• The Ceremonial is the outward sign of a tactical commitment of respect for the adversary. At the end of the assault after the salute, the handshake recalls the politeness and fair play. manifests to your opponent, whether it is stronger or weaker. Strengthening courtesy and loyalty.

Fencing once a week 50 minutes class: 70€ per month
Fencing Twice a week 50 minuts class:130€ per month

Students Grade 1-2

(Material for plastic sword)

Plastic mask
Plastic sword

Students Grade 3-9

(Material for electric sward)

Electric Sword
Body Wire
Breast protection (girls only)
High socks
Half protection
Fencing jacket
Fencing pants

Nicola Thomas

Dance at the Academy

Our teaching partner, Nicola Thomas from Sobre-Artes

Nicola Thomas is a fully qualified dance teacher, with specialization in Ballet and Modern Jazz. She received the highest mark of distinctions in all her teaching examinations. She is an award-winning choreographer, both in Portugal and across Europe. She is the Artistic Director for 2 of the biggest dance events in Portugal; Viva-Danca Convention and Algarve Dance Open. She regularly guest teaches at workshops in Portugal and Brazil.

Sobre Artes is one of the more prosperous and well succeeded dance schools of thr Algarve. For the first time offering dance classes in Lisbon in partnership with United Lisbon International School.

This dance program allows students to learn the dance technique and explore their physical abilities, and develop their creative, artistic and emotional side. In parallel to the dance program, there is an option for students to take international exams and participate in national and international dance competitions and events.

Dancing Education

About the sport

Dance is not only a physical activity that improves skills such as flexibility, co-ordination, stamina and agility, but has several wellness and psychological benefits for the development in children:

• Promotion of neurological development
• Spatial awareness development
• Confidence
• Self-esteem
• Discipline and hard work ethic
• Cooperation and collaboration
• Teaching respect and acceptance of each other

Further information on the benefits can be found: https://blog.ed.ted.com/2018/04/02/why-dance-is-just-as-important-as-math-in-school/

Please note that, minimum number of students per class is 4.
Participation requires 1 semester of commitment.
Students must have their own training equipment.


45 mins per week Dance (mix of all styles of dance/creative movement)

Grades 1 / 2:
1 hour per week Ballet and Modern Jazz Combo Class

Grades 3 / 4 / 5:
Ballet and Modern Jazz Combo Class (Option of 1 or 2 classes per week)

Grades 6 /7:
Jazz/ Contemporary Dance (Option of 1 or 2 classes per week)

Grades 8 / 9:
Jazz/ Contemporary Dance (Option of 1 or 2 classes per week)

Pricing (Per Month)

45 mins per week: 35€

1 hour per week: 40€

2 hours per week: 70€

Uniform: 100€

Pre-K3/Pre-K4/Kindergarten/Grades 1-5:
Leotard, Skirt, Cardigan,

Grades 6-9:
Leotard, Footless tights, Jazz shoes

Tennis team

Tennis at the Academy

Our teaching partners

A young team, energetic and ready to make you run and try your best, turning you into the best tennis player possible.
Rodrigo Freitas, Antonio Rosinha, Jose Campos, Bruno Pedrosa e Eduardo Lameiras are our tennis teachers.

All of them share characteristics that we are proud of. They started to play tennis at ages of 3 to 5, competed in the national circuit, at top rankings, internationally, some reached ATP points. These 5 teachers, taught in a couple ou prestigious national clubs, such as Felner Academy and Caldas da Rainha. It is mandatory at LRC to have the tennis coach course approved by the Portuguese tennis federation.

Fluent in English and have total availability to help their students. At Lisboa Racket Centre, you will find and amazing and safe country club, that suits every family member. Surrounded by nature, 10 outdoor and 10 indoor tennis, padel and squash courts, some of our team member have more than 20 years of experience teaching these 3 racquet sports.

Tennis court
Playing Tennis

About the sport

Tennis is a healthy way of living. Help improving concentration and physical characteristics. It helps to encounter challenges and overcome them. Learning, fun and discipline is where our tennis team focus on. At Lisboa Racket Centre, tennis has been played for 28 years long and several ITF and national tournaments have taken place. João Sousa, Frederico Gil, Maria João Koehler, Lloyd Harris, Fred Silva where some of these tournament’s participants.

Price: 146€ (2x per week)

All extra-curricular activities in the Academy will be reviewed every term so please check with our Admissions Team during the Admissions process what the latest list of activities offered is and whether there is space for your child.