United Lisbon International School

Active Learning and Continuous Innovation


A forward-looking Philosophy

With our vision “to empower and inspire the young generation for a sustainable world”, United Lisbon will join established and innovative education. We provide rigorous educational programs with a strong focus on the skills and values the next generation will need to be successful in tomorrow’s world, the 21st century and beyond. The school is committed to the purpose of contributing to a sustainable and equitable world.

Our educational philosophy is holistic, fostering the individual growth of each student through rigorous academic standards and a variety of inspiring extra-curricular activities. Our modern pedagogy creates a student-centered learning ecosystem that instills relevant skills through guided-inquiry, collaborative learning, and seamless integration of technology to strengthen and further personalize the learning of each individual student.

Globally Acknowledged Diplomas, a Challenging US-Curriculum

United Lisbon adopts a rigorous and challenging High School program that offers its students a pathway to the globally acknowledged diploma for university application worldwide:


Leading towards these programs, the school offers a US standards-based curriculum in the lower grades, in alignment with United Lisbon’s High School Programs. The school offers guidance and support to all students in developing a strong individual profile, academically and beyond.

Assessment of student learning is continuous and designed to support students in their individual learning. It provides faculty, students and parents with the information necessary to appropriately adjust the learning process on a real time basis to meet individual student needs. Standardized international assessments, including the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and International Schools Assessment (ISA) help to monitor student growth based on internationally established norms.

Active Learning and Continuous Innovation

Our world is changing rapidly. The workplace of tomorrow demands for new skillsets and the agility to adapt to new realities. Technology is becoming more and more integrated into the personal and professional life. At the same time, while navigating the digital transformation, we still need to forge sound personal relationships and build on strong values that provide guidance in this complex and ever-changing world.

For our education to matter tomorrow, we need to bring together long-established educational programs with innovative approaches to prepare our students for their journey into the 21st century. As innovation is continuous, we forge partnerships with leading corporations that shape the future of education and enrich our students’ learning experiences at school. Through this lens, learning becomes students-centered, and is supported by an active and engaging process through a variety of activities. Such active learning is enabled through:

Innovative Pedagogy:
The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a comprehensive curriculum committed to improving learning and developing international mindedness. The curriculum focuses on developing knowledge, skills, and understanding of subjects within child-friendly, relevant, cross-curricular thematic units. Children of varying abilities can access the creative and yet challenging nature of the units as they take ownership of their learning.

Agile Spaces:
Learning Spaces have to be able to adjust to different learning activities, from small group collaboration, individual research, to discussion forums and lectures. In designing and re-designing our learning spaces, we work with the best partners to ensure classrooms, learning hubs, labs, maker spaces support and engage students in their learning activities, from Early Childhood to High School.

Integrating New Technologies:
Technology is part of our lives and needs to be an integral part of the learning process. We purposefully design how technology impacts the learning process at United Lisbon: enabling individual learning pathways; enriching learning through global interconnectedness and seamless communication; and instilling new skills and values such as for digital literacy and citizenship.

Enriching Learning Experiences through Partnerships:
The location in central Lisbon and the close proximity to the Park of Nations allows us to offer enriched learning experiences at leading institutions around the school. It also creates opportunities for project-based learning in collaboration with scientific institutions, global corporations, and entrepreneurs, creators and innovators in Lisbon.

Extra-Curricular Program

The extra-curricular program extends learning beyond the classroom. Following our holistic educational philosophy, it provides our students with wide-ranging choices to pursue their individual ambitions and interests. Goal of the activities offered is to inspire and empower our students, and raise their awareness for some key challenges they will be facing, as part of the global society, throughout their lifetime: such as sustainability, change & disruption in the global economy and society, personal health & purpose.

The activities offered are appropriate for the different age groups and cover a wide spectrum of topics as mentioned below. There is a spectrum of school-sponsored activities which is seamlessly provided through the United Lisbon Academy, which provides e.g. individual music lessons in various instruments, additional language classes, or courses in art, design & technology. We cooperate with leading institutions in the Park of Nations, such as the Oceanarium, the Science Pavilion, the National Ballet, and other corporations to connect student learning and activities to real-world experiences.

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