United Lisbon International School

Meet our Team

As our education philosophy is to set our children on a path to success in the future, we have a strong focus on our people. Our team is made up of dedicated, kind, experienced educators who have great empathy while encouraging learning and a growth mindset.

Jose Azcue Head of School

Meet our Team

José Azcue, PhD (Canada/Portugal)

Head of School

Experience in Teaching: 25 Years
Countries taught in: Brazil, Canada and Portugal
Diplomas: PhD Geochemistry, Masters in Environmental Chemistry, Diploma for International School Leadership, IB Diploma School Visit Team Leader

Dr. José Azcue has more than 25 years’ experience in international education and is widely engaged with the IB (International Baccalaureate Organization). He holds a Masters from University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a PhD from The University of Waterloo in Canada. José has served as Headmaster of an international school and held leadership and teaching positions at several international schools in Portugal. In 2000 he was awarded the Diploma of the Principle Training Center for International School Leadership. Jose has been actively involved in teaching, developing teaching material, running workshops and online teacher training.

Teresa Monteiro (PT)​ General Manager

Teresa Monteiro (Portugal)

General Manager

Diplomas: Management Degree from the International University of Lisbon, MBA with specialization in marketing from the Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration at the Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland

Teresa is the General Manager at the United Lisbon International School. Before joining ULIS, she served as School Manager and Business Developer for Knightsbridge Schools International, in Algarve. Prior to working in education, Teresa worked for 20 years in the Portuguese ceramics industry where Teresa ended up holding board positions in the largest ceramics producer in Portugal and in the technological centre as well as the central association.

Teresa Monteiro holds a Management Degree from the International University of Lisbon, an MBA with specialization in marketing from the Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, and recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration at the Glion Institute of Higher Education, in Switzerland.  

Kyriakos Koursaris Technology Director​

Kyriakos Koursaris (Cyprus/Portugal)

Technology Director

Experience in Teaching: 15 Years
Countries taught in: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Portugal
Diplomas: Master’s in Music Education and Didactics, Post-Graduate Course in Technologies and Robotics in Education; Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert & Fellow

After my Masters in Music Education & Didactics and a Master of Choir Conducting from Charles University in Prague, I discovered my real passion, which is educational technology. I worked as Technology Integration Specialist in various schools and institutions, administered and facilitated technology-rich teaching and learning, guided collaborative curricular innovation as well as faculty and staff training/support, and ensured system service, reliability and consistency.

The excitement of being part of a new school is extremely rewarding, as well as professionally challenging. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a new and passionate founding team whose objective is to put together one of the best international schools of the country and become a worldwide reference.

The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework, intended for Microsoft Showcase Schools, is by far one of the most innovative and unique educational programs, which puts a strong emphasis to the wellbeing of the student and the teacher alike, while developing the necessary skills and competences to succeed in a future of constant change and technological advancement.

Monica Lee Early Childhood Teacher​

Monica Lee (Zambia)

Head Coordinator Lower Primary

Experience in Teaching: 25 years
Countries taught in: Lusaka, China, Sweden 
Diplomas: MA Education – Teaching and Learning. Diploma Montessori Education. Undergraduate Cert – Early childhood. 

Originally from Zambia, I have worked at different international schools and lived in India, Malaysia, China, and Sweden. I enjoy cooking, writing, and painting. 

My teaching approach is based on the belief that children learn through meaningful play and are naturally motivated to explore as they go through developmental stages. My role is to be flexible and build on learners’ prior knowledge, initiative, creativity, and communication skills.    

I am excited by the prospect of shaping new educational experiences for our 21st-century learners at ULIS and feel privileged to be living in the beautiful country of Portugal! 

Antonio Santos (Portugal)

History and Social Studies Teacher
Head of Social Sciences

Experience in Teaching: 7 years
Countries taught in: USA, Spain, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations, Masters’ Degree in International Relations International Postgraduate Certificate in Education


In 430 BC Herodotus, who coined the word “History”, decided he needed to understand how the never-ending wars between Greeks and Persians had started. Realizing he knew very little about the enemy, he packed up and travelled east, through dangerous unmapped roads, to the heart of the unknown.

I believe young historians are a little bit like Herodotus: travelling to cities whose names they never heard; trying to understand how things came to be the way they are; reading from dusty long-forgotten books; discussing forbidden ideas with the proverbial “other”. In a nutshell: going on an adventure.

Throughout my career as an IGCSE and IB teacher and as Head of Department, I’ve always loved to share with my students my own passion for History as a living, critical and scientific subject. Now, I am equally excited to contribute to our students’ personal and academic success by guiding them through a high-quality and challenging international education path.

Deidre Barros (Portugal)​ Elementary School Teacher​

Deidre Barros (Portugal)

Elementary School Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20 years
Countries taught in: Portugal, United Arab Emirates
Diplomas: : Bachelor’s in psychology, PG CERT Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, Diploma in Teaching English.

Teaching is not only a work of the heart but my passion. I am so excited to be part of the United Lisbon Team. My teaching approach is that every child is treated with respect and valued not only in the classroom, but also outside. Giving each child the opportunity to grow and learn through self-discovery which in turn leads to learning through collaboration and teamwork. As a facilitator, I will be there to guide students in their learning journey to reach their end goals by using different 21st century skills.

I have worked at different international schools in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and in Portugal. In my free time, I enjoy reading, doing arts and crafts as well as going for walks along the beach with my family.

Christini Angeli (Greece)​ Music Teacher​

Christini Angeli (Greece)

Music Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 3 years
Countries taught in: Greece, Portugal
Diplomas: BA in Primary Education, Degree in Classical Guitar 

Teaching has always been my dream job. My BA in Primary Education and previous experience teaching classical guitar together provide a strong educational foundation that is sufficient to enhance both the teaching process and students’ learning.

I am a passionate teacher, committed to enhance not only student’s music academic skills, but personal, too. My classroom is a positive and pleasant environment, where students feel safe and free to express their diversity. 

They say music builds bridges between people, and this is something that describes our multicultural community here at ULIS. I’m delighted to be part of the ULIS team and am eagerly anticipating the approaching academic year.

Marcela Silva (BR)​ Elementary School Teacher​

Marcela Silva (Brasil)

Elementary School Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 13 years
Countries taught in: Brazil
Diplomas: Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor in Languages (Portuguese and English), Bachelor in Elementary Education, TESOL Diploma 

As an educator for the last 13 years, I have focused my career on creating engaging and welcoming learning environments for diverse groups of students.

One of my great interests is the area of cultural competence and social and emotional learning in schools. Education for me is the most powerful tool for change. I adore working in collaboration with my colleagues and designing projects that tackle real-world issues are my passion.

In my most recent work experience, I have had the chance to live through the joys, challenges and responsibilities that accompany opening a new school. I am excited to join ULIS’ mission to empower and inspire the younger generation for a sustainable world alongside this team of talented and professional educators. 

Paul Pereira (US) Social studies Humanities Teacher

Paul Pereira (United States of America)

ULIS Ambassador

Experience in Teaching: 28 years
Countries taught in: USA, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor in History, Masters in History. School Building Leader Certified


I am honored to continue  my relationship with ULIS as the first ever ULIS Ambassador in the United States. After having spent part of a sabbatical year teaching at United Lisbon and having my children attend the school, I am thrilled to be able to promote the vision of this cutting-edge school and its amazing staff from and to the other side of the Atlantic.

João Vale (PT)​ Physical Education Teacher​

João Vale (Portugal)

Physical Education Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 7 years
Countries taught in: Portugal, China
Diplomas: Master’s Degree in Teaching Physical Education for Primary and Secondary Levels

I am a passionate and enthusiastic physical education teacher who always had a love for sports.  I was a competitive basketball player for 18 years, therefore becoming a youth basketball coach. 

It is a pleasure for me to teach the students the importance of physical activity and staying active throughout life. I believe all children can enjoy and develop through sports, on what physical education should provide a wide range of opportunities to everyone, which can bring immense benefits to young people’s personal, social, and physical development.

I am excited to have the opportunity to teach in my hometown Lisbon. Being an active and dynamic person, I will look forward to motivating and bring the same energy to my students! 

Joan Hermanson Art Teacher​

Joan Hermanson (United States of America)

Art Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20 Plus years
Countries taught in: Previously taught in Portugal

I am passionate in building relationships and finding ways to help spark creativity in each student. Being a part of the mission of United Lisbon and working with a team of motivated, attentive, and focused educators, in a culturally rich and historic country, is a dream role. I have had the privilege of living and teaching in Portugal and am so excited to be a part of developing creative, caring and sustainable friendships. Taking walks, listening to music, travelling to new places, and spending great moments with family and friends makes me happy!

Jeffrey Luce (United States of America) IBDP Business Management Teacher​

Jeffrey Luce (United States of America)

IBDP Business Management Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20+ years
Countries taught in: Portugal, United Arab Emirates
Diplomas: B.A. Agricultural Business, MBA, PGCEi

I am very excited about returning to Portugal after spending the past nine years in the United Arab Emirates. I am especially looking forward to the opportunity to working with ULIS students over the coming year. I have principally taught IBDP Business Management while also teaching Economics and Social Studies classes in secondary school. I am especially interested in students realizing and reaching their potential. I am committed to helping students achieve their best.

Andreia Azevedo (Portugal)​ Music Teacher​

Andreia Azevedo (Portugal)

Head of Music
Music Academy Coordinator
Music Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20+ years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Degree in Music with specialization in Education

I am an optimistic, cheerful, organized and committed person. I chose this profession because I love learning with children and hearing their voices gives me peace of mind.

As a teacher I try to facilitate my students on the path to self-knowledge. Through music I provide activities and create individual and group strategies for knowing how to be and to be with oneself and others.

I am a founding member of ULIS and since day one I have been dedicated to do the best for the students and teachers of the team I manage.

With my teaching experience, intense training (Microsoft Certified Educator, Seesaw Ambassador, IMYC teacher and the final phase of the master’s degree at ISCTE), advanced technology and a fantastic team I believe that the conditions are met to be happy and give my best for the ULIS educational community.

Alessandra Barreto (Italy)​ Elementary School Teacher​

Alessandra Barreto (Italy)

Head Coordinator Upper Primary

Experience in Teaching: 14 years
Countries taught in: Brazil, USA
Diplomas: Bachelor in Civil Engineer, Bachelor in Elementary Education and School Administration

Teaching has always been my passion! I started my career as a Civil Engineer but my passion for education made me change paths. My classroom is never quiet because I believe it is important to let students know their ideas are valued and will be heard and shared. Besides teaching, I love reading, traveling, and dancing ballet.

I’m excited to join United Lisbon because it’s a school that is shaping the future of education, engaging with new technology, and partnering with culturally rich corporations to prepare students for their future in a dynamic world. Can’t wait to meet you all and start this journey together!

Julio Martins (Portugal)​ ESOL & IEL Teacher​

Julio Martins (Portugal)

ESOL & IEL Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 15 years
Countries taught in: Brazil, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor in Languages (Portuguese and English) and CELTA certified

“To teach is to learn twice.” Joubert said. I couldn´t agree more! I find teaching to be a fascinating and richly rewarding experience. It has made me a better person and grateful for being able to make a difference.

Helping students achieve success as well as becoming independent thinkers are my personal goals. By adding a bit of fun factor and creativity to the lessons, learning naturally takes place and language skills evolve.

Teaching goes beyond the classroom – it is an opportunity to connect with students in a deep level of trust, affection, and understanding. I am pleased to be part of such an amazing team and keep going on my personal journey of being a lifelong learner myself.

Thomas Marling (United States of America)​ Social Studies Teacher​

Thomas Marling (United States of America)

ESOL Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 25+ years
Countries taught in: USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Greece
Diplomas: BA in Sociology, BA in Education and Master’s work in Bilingual/ Multicultural Education

Originally from the United States, I have been a secondary teacher for several years in the USA and many other countries, including China, Saudi Arabia, and Greece, among others.  My qualifications include a BA in Sociology, BA in Education and master’s work in Bilingual/ Multicultural Education. 

My teaching career has allowed me to work with diverse student populations in public/private, for profit/non-profit schools.  It is my goal to assist students to achieve success in their studies, and in their lives by encouraging them to be creative and critical thinkers. 

Nicole Ferreira (South Africa)​ Whole School Librarian​

Nicole Ferreira (South Africa)

Whole School Librarian

Experience in Teaching: 8 years
Countries taught in: South Africa, The Netherlands, Portugal
Diplomas: Masters in Curriculum Development, Bachelor (Honours) in Education. Bachelor in Early Childhood Development.

Having been fortunate to be a founding team member at United Lisbon, I am excited to continue my professional learning journey by transitioning from a primary homeroom teacher to the whole school teacher librarian.

My teaching goal has always been to align the science of learning with pedagogical and developmentally appropriate practice. In saying this, I view the library as critical component of the school´s teaching and learning environment, and aspire to create a welcoming, supportive, and stimulating learning ecosystem that supports the academic as well as the social emotional development of the ULIS learning community. 

In my spare time I enjoy practicing yoga, cooking, reading, as well as spending time with my husband and cat.

Through my own professional and personal inquiries, I hope to inspire students to be lifelong inquirers, happy individuals, and good citizens that feel part of a wider community. I love what I do, and I couldn´t imagine doing anything else!

Raquel Paixão (Portugal)​ Portuguese Language Teacher​

Raquel Paixão (Portugal)

Portuguese Language Teacher
IBDP Portuguese Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 14 years
Countries taught in: Portugal, USA
Diplomas: Degree in Linguistics, Masters and PhD in Iberian Linguistics

My passion for language teaching comes from several experiences working and learning in different educational settings, including elementary schools and language schools in Portugal and higher education programs in the United States. For eight years, I lived in California and taught Portuguese in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UC Santa Barbara. During that time, I also completed a master’s and a PhD in Iberian Linguistics, focusing my research on the area of Second Language Teaching Methodology.
I really enjoy reflecting on different ways to foster students’ interest in language learning and to help them develop their abilities so that they can successfully accomplish their goals. I am delighted to join the United Lisbon International School team, and I am eager to continue learning and developing my passion for language teaching in such an exciting and innovative environment.

Evey Koen (United States of America)​ STEM Teacher​

Evey Koen (United States of America)

Head Coordinator Middle School
Mathematics Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20+ years
Countries taught in: UK, USA
Diplomas: BA in Education and Masters of Teaching

After traveling and experiencing many parts of the world, I am very excited to establish some roots in Portugal and more so to be at United Lisbon. My teaching goal is to help students build confidence and develop a thirst for learning mathematics. I encourage problem solving and active learning throughout the learning process to help develop my students’ inquisitive natures through project-based learning.

My passion is to allow students to explore mathematics in community-based settings and use real life examples based on their interests. I want my students to know that I genuinely care about their success.

Being a founding teacher of United Lisbon has allowed me to grow into a leadership role.  As a coordinator I hope to grow not only our students’ content knowledge but also their global citizenship, growth mindset, and compassion for one another and our differences. 

Alexandre Saraiva (PT)​ Arts & Design Teacher​

Alexandre Saraiva (Portugal)

Art Teacher
DP Visual Arts Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 18 years
Countries taught in: UK, Portugal
Diplomas: Degree in Design with option in graphics, PGCE in Visual Arts. 

My approach to teaching is based on the best interaction with students, assisting each one to develop their own potential and independent learning. I always try to provide a stimulating learning environment, assuring their motivation and creativity. 

Teachers are role models, so for me it is crucial to transmit the school’s ethos and philosophy, leading by example, providing effective guidance and inspire students to embrace values, skills and knowledge that will turn them into top 21st century learners and professionals. 

I am very keen to be part of this great project and looking forward to fulfilling my passion for teaching with this wonderful team. 

Jo-Ann Franken - STEM Teacher​

Jo-Ann Franken (South Africa)

STEM Teacher
IBDP Chemistry Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 10 years
Countries taught in: South Africa
Diplomas: Master’s degree at Stellenbosch University in South Africa

My belief is that learning should not be limited to curriculum content, but education should assist students in developing their abilities and realizing their potential whilst maintaining a balance between academic, sport and cultural activities to remain versatile.  I enjoy engaging students in lively conversations to stimulate their love for learning and improve self-confidence as it is imperative that students develop international mindedness in the global world society, without compromising their sense of self or heritage.  I believe that developing a positive collaboration between teacher, parents and student remains an important part of successful education.

Growing up in a country with diverse cultures, I have always been interested to engage and embrace variety.   This makes me excited to join a multi-dimensional school like United Lisbon International and to be a part of the team and community. 

Meghan Arbesu (United States of America)​ English Teacher​

Meghan Arbesu (United States of America)

English Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 13 years
Countries taught in: Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, France
Diplomas: Master´s Degree in International Development, Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Teacher Certification, Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Certification (TESOL) 

I am excited to begin my first-year teaching at ULIS as a Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher, and an English Teacher for Grades 6 and 7. It is a joy to watch students grow and learn through these very important adolescent years.

A holistic approach to learning is omnipresent in my classroom, where not only academic needs are met, but also social and emotional needs. It is vitally important that I foster a welcoming classroom where students feel comfortable sharing their ideas freely. We are all learning together.

By building personal connections with the texts, my hope is that students share my love of the English language. Here is to a wonderful school year!

Rita César das Neves (Portugal)​ Social Studies Teacher​

Rita César das Neves (Portugal)

Social Studies Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 4 years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCEi at University of Nottingham, UK), MA in Global and Comparative Politics (University of Essex, UK) and BA in International Relations (Catholic University of Portugal).

As a motivated and enthusiastic teacher, I started out as a teacher assistant at an international school, working with middle and secondary students, while pursuing my PGCEi. The student-centered approach and inquiry-method sparked my true passion for teaching. Before undertaking my PGCEi I worked in non-profit in Washington DC, USA and in Kathmandu, Nepal, for-profit and academia in Portugal.

Before coming to ULIS, I worked as an English teacher to young learners for 3 years. I’m happy to embrace the secondary students and teach Social Studies at ULIS, where I can combine my international work experience in International Relations and Political Science as a researcher with teaching and developing logical and critical reasoning skills. My goals are to inspire long-life learners, well-rounded and internationally minded students, and citizens. I believe in being approachable and committed towards the students’ learning, while creating an engaging and challenging environment where active learning takes place.

Angeliki Faraza (Greece)​ Early Childhood Teacher​

Angeliki Faraza (Greece)

Early Childhood Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 2 years.
Countries taught in: Greece, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor’s in education

Following my graduation from University of Ioannina, I spent two years teaching in Greece. I am extremely excited to be part of this world class international school. I enjoy cooking, listening to music, travelling, and painting. I would characterize myself as an ambitious and enthusiastic young teacher, who loves being around the children.  

Becoming a teacher is an honor that should not be taken lightly. Each child comes to you with different strengths and weaknesses, it is therefore up to us, the teacher of the future, to engage each student into learning. 

I believe that my enthusiasm, positive attitude, and hands-on experience working with the students at united Lisbon will make me an excellent educator. 

Filipe Madeira (Portugal)​ Mathematics Teacher​

Filipe Madeira (Portugal)

Mathematics Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 5 years.
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Master´s Degree in Chemistry, PhD in Chemistry (Organometallic chemistry field) 

Following my experience in scientific research at Instituto Superior Técnico, I have spent some years teaching in the fields of Sciences and Math under an international curriculum.

It has been a pleasure to help students achieve their full potential and grow academically. I am responsible, determined and I like to use my lessons to stimulate their reasoning and develop activities that help the students to be ready to embrace the future and overcome their challenges. It is also very gratifying to open discussions inside the classroom and let the students express their opinions and ideas in a friendly environment 

Francisco Gouveia (Portugal)​​ Computing Teacher​

Francisco Gouveia (Portugal)​

Computing Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 5 Years
Countries taught in: São Tomé and Príncipe, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor’s in philosophy, CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

I started as a volunteer teacher in the small island of Príncipe, off the western coast of Africa. There I developed a STEM programme for local children, which introduces them to Computer Science, as well as Conservation Technology – as the project is built on a partnership with an NGO focused on protecting biological diversity.

I love to teach and to come up with interesting ways of explaining new concepts to students.

John Hearn (Ireland)​ Elementary School Teacher​​

John Hearn (Ireland)

Elementary School Teacher​

Experience in Teaching: 4 Years
Countries taught in: Ireland, United Arab Emirates
Diplomas: Bachelor in Education

I am delighted to be a new Irish addition to the United Lisbon team. Following my graduation from Marino Institute of Education in Dublin, I spent one year teaching in Ireland and there after spent three years teaching in Dubai. I look forward to implementing high standards of teaching in United Lisbon during the academic year.

I am passionate about sport and represented my home Province of Leinster in GAA competitions, winning ‘Sportsman of the Year’ awards in secondary school and college. It is imperative that student’s health and happiness is catered for – to this end I organised and coached summer sports camps during my undergraduate degree which parlayed into my teaching role in a number of private schools across the UAE.

Students can derive both educational and personal benefit from learning in United Lisbon’s rich multicultural setting. I welcome the opportunity to further enrich the lives of the ULIS students, drawing from my experiences in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Milton Jesus (Portugal)​ Physical Education Teacher​

Milton Jesus (Portugal)

Physical Education Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 15 Years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Degree in Physical Education and Sports, QTS, Post-Graduate in Sports Marketing Management

I am passionate about sports, from an early age with a strong connection to sports as an athlete and coach. My childhood dream was to become a Physical Education Teacher to share my knowledge, help people to reach success and overcome adversity.

My passion for challenges led me to ULIS. I look forward to sharing my love and enthusiasm for sport with my students in a resilient and ambitious way.

Francisco Luís Rocha (Portugal) Physics and Chemistry Teacher

Francisco Luís Rocha (Portugal)

Head of Science
IBDP Physics Teacher
Field Trips Coordinator

Experience in Teaching: 20 Years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Major Degree in Physics and Chemistry Education from Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon

Teaching Physics and Chemistry for more than 20 years in private schools has given me the privilege of helping students to grow and develop. Ever since my early years of teaching, I have continuously engaged in partnerships with universities, science institutes as well as with some companies in the promotion of student participation in various projects, from solar energy to robotics and seismology, to help them build bridges between science and society. These experiences also provided me with the opportunity to develop and engage in learner success in everything from robotics competitions to international science conferences abroad.

The United Lisbon project gives me the opportunity of working as part of a team that believes that families, universities, businesses, and school should and can work together to achieve the highest standards on education, and I am incredibly happy to be a part of this project.

Sofia Vaz Serra Portuguese Teacher

Sofia Vaz Serra (Portugal)

Head of Portuguese
Portuguese Language Teacher
IBDP Portuguese Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 6 Years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures – Portuguese and French; Master’s Degree in Teaching Portuguese (7 to 12) and a Foreign Language – specialization in French as a Foreign Language; Post-Graduate Course in Communication Consultancy

After several years working in the local government communication area, I went back to my field of knowledge and discovered my true passion – teaching!

I have experience in teaching French as a non-native language, Portuguese (5 – 12 grade) and Portuguese as a Non-native language.

As a teacher, I always learn from my students, and I really love to see them progress and grow. I believe teachers can truly make a difference in students’ lives, inspire them, and help them achieve their dreams.

Being a person involved in community services and activities, through volunteering, I am excited to be part of a team that is not only instructing students, but also creating engaged citizens.      

Diana Marques (Portugal)​ Portuguese Language Teacher​

Diana Marques (Portugal)

Portuguese Language Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 15 Years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Degree in Primary Education and Master’s degree in Education, specializing in Supervision and Guidance of Professional Practice 

“So when you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Maya Angelou. The decision to be a teacher was made already when I was a child. I chose to be a primary school teacher because I believe it’s the best way to make the world a fairer place for everyone. With a pen in our hands and our voice, we can change the lives of the people who need it most. Education and knowledge can change the world.

In my free time, I enjoy being with family and friends, watching movies, reading long books, listening to music, and practicing outdoor activities. I also like to spend my time improving my personal and human skills.

This year, I decided to join ULIS as a Primary Native Portuguese Teacher. My purpose is to guide students to progress in their Portuguese language skills and to be better citizens of the world. I am excited to be a valuable asset in assisting with the development of the ULIS project and its vision. It brings me great joy to have the opportunity to be part of this special growing project.

Justin McWilliams (United States of America)​ Science Teacher​

Justin McWilliams (United States of America)

Science Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 6 Years
Countries taught in: USA
Diplomas: Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Teaching Credential

I am very excited to be joining the staff at ULIS this year. My family moved to Portugal last year and my daughter enrolled in ULIS upon arrival. It is a privilege to be joining such a wonderful and dedicated faculty.

My philosophy of teaching is that school is not as much about the academics as it is about the growing of young minds. Academics are the tools we use to help students develop both critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills. For we don’t know what the problems of tomorrow will be, but it will be those young minds whose charge it is to solve them.

When I am not teaching, you’ll find me enjoying time with my family and dogs, hiking, golfing, bodysurfing, playing classical/blues/fingerstyle guitar.

Daniela Carvalho Dias de Souza (Portugal/Brazil)​ ESOL Coordinator

Daniela Carvalho Dias de Souza (Portugal/Brazil)

ESOL Coordinator
ESOL Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 17 Years
Countries taught in: Portugal, Brazil
Diplomas: Master’s in English and American Studies, Graduate Studies in Literature, Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Bachelor’s Degree in English and Portuguese – Translation and Interpretation, TESOL Diploma, Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), Certificate in English Language Teaching – Secondary (CELTS), Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary (CELTP).

Teaching has always been my true passion, alongside cinema, literature, and my love for listening to people. I believe that students learn more when they are having funwhen they are able to be the center of their own discoveries, and, of course, when they are motivated to be inquiring minds.  

When I am teaching, I try to be a guide to my students’ discoveries or a captain, showing the way through this incredible journey, which is the search for knowledge. 

In my own personal journey, I have worked for international schools, and a Jesuit school for over 17 years. I also have vast experience in preparing learners for international exams. 

I am extremely happy to be part of the ULIS talent team and help them empower young minds for a lifetime of learning, individually and in collaboration with others. 

Emma Roberts Learning Support Teacher

Emma Roberts (United States of America/Portugal)

Learning Support Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 19 years
Countries taught in: USA, Portugal 
Diplomas: Bachelor´s Degree in Exceptional Student Education – Emotionally Handicapped; Master´s Degree in Educational Leadership

I have been teaching for over 18 years and have taught special education in a variety of grades/settings, and second and third grade general education classrooms. I have also taught intensive reading for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students until I transferred to high school to become an Individual Education Plan Facilitator/Administrator. I served as the Special Education Department Chair for two years at the high school setting. I was a sponsor for Future Florida Educator/Teacher Club for students and assisted with the high school wrestling team.

Nickeisha Thomas (United States of America)​ Director of University and Career Counseling​

Nickeisha Thomas (United States of America)

Director of University and Career Counseling

Experience in Teaching: 14 years
Countries taught in: USA, Qatar, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism & Political Science, Master’s in Public Administration, Thinking Collaborative Cognitive Coaching Certificate, Thinking Collaborative Adaptive School Certificate, ECIS Programme-Middle Leaders Certificate

Hello, so nice to meet you. My experience working in global higher education and secondary education have given me comprehensive knowledge on admissions worldwide. My desire is to use this experience and knowledge to help students achieve success by nurturing their passions and ultimately supporting them through the college application process. I am a first-generation graduate who has earned a dual bachelor’s degree, and then pursued a master’s degree. I can attest to the power of education in unleashing one’s true potential. My leadership experience in higher education at Long Island University and experience in diverse educational environments and passion for education make me unique in supporting students in their future education goals.

Moving abroad, I worked in high schools in the Middle East, I supported students in numerous academic curricula such as International Baccalaureate Diploma, American High School Diploma, and Advanced Placement and students who came from over 77 different nationalities. Through extensive university campus visits across Europe and the United States including the University of Oxford and Cambridge, I have made it a priority to build relationships and stay abreast with the new trends in college admissions worldwide. I also learned to enhance the academic profile of highly motivated students through collaborating with programs such as the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, Council for International Schools, International Association for College Admissions Counseling and the International School Counseling Association. My goal is to be an advocate for your child, I understand that a child’s academic and social growth will only be achieved through collaborative teamwork with students, staff, and parents.

Ana Lima (Brazil)​ Early Childhood Teacher​​

Ana Lima (Brazil)

Early Childhood Teacher​

Experience in Teaching: 7 years
Countries taught in: Brazil, Colombia, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor’s Degree in education, Post Bachelor’s in Early Education, Reggio Emilia Certified, Master´s Degree in Advanced Teaching in progress.

Education is my passion, observing the process of learning on our little ones fascinates me. As I was a third-world student I wanted to provide that experience to my family, and that is the reason I decided to be an international teacher.

After teaching in South America, I feel delighted to be part of United Lisbon as my philosophy of teaching matches the Mission and Vision of ULIS, to help students develop skills needed to be successful in tomorrow’s world.

My main goal is to make a positive impact on my children’s lives by having a fun learning path together.

Steven Bolland (United Kingdom)​ IB Biology Teacher

Steven Bolland (United Kingdom)

IBDP Biology Teacher
Middle School & High School Science Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 10 years
Countries taught in: England, South Africa, Vietnam, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor of Science in Physiology, Chemistry and Physics, specializing in Exercise Physiology. Post-Graduate Certificate in Education 

With an energetic and passionate approach, I am proud of the following achievements in my career so far: 

10 years of teaching experience. The knowledge of effective communication channels between students and teachers. Proficiency in Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and other educational platforms. Awarded the innovation and creativity award in teaching and learning. 10 years of coaching experience in Football, Cricket, Rugby, Swimming and Basketball. Experience in curriculum development, distance learning and innovative pedagogical practices to promote Science learning. Outstanding rapport amongst my institutional colleagues at the Fitzwimarc School in England, Groote Schuur High School in South Africa, Singapore International School of Vietnam, and the Valenture Institute Online Institute in South Africa.  

Mostafa Boujaber IBDP Math Teacher​

Mostafa Boujaber (USA/Morocco)

IBDP Math Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20+ years
Countries taught in: USA, Morocco
Diplomas: Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics), Master of Science (Industrial Engineering), Master of Science (Data Analytics)

Mathematics is a subject that I have thoroughly enjoyed throughout my school years. The challenge of thinking and the process of logic always attract me to Mathematical problems, however difficult and regardless of the form in which they come. I enjoy Mathematics and feel that the elegance and logic of the subject is the reason for my desire to teach mathematics.

I love teaching mathematics and I enjoy sharing my knowledge, wisdom, and experiences with my students. Being an instructor for over twenty years has given me a chance to teach students from different backgrounds. In the past several years, I taught a variety of mathematics courses, prepared my own teaching materials, and shared my teaching experience with other instructors. I have had numerous opportunities to interact with students in different capacities, from the lectures in and out of classrooms. I believe that twenty years of teaching has not only qualitatively improved my teaching ability, but also enhanced my understanding of the whole education system.

Malin Harutunian Rogland (Sweden)​ IBDP English Teacher

Malin Harutunian Rogland (Sweden)

IBDP English Teacher
TOK and SSST (School Supported Self-Taught Languages)

Experience in Teaching: 25+ years
Countries taught in: Sweden, USA, United Arab Emirates, Portugal
Diplomas: BA in Business Communication, BA in English Literature, MA in English Literature, PGCSE

I believe that facilitate learning and creating learning path for students of all ages are two concepts that are essential in my role as an educator. I have facilitated learning both to young adults and to adults at international schools in three different countries and while the environment or the culture may differ, the concept of teaching and learning remains the same. 

I truly believe that students should be in control of their own learning situation and allowed to gain the educational tools that make their learning a success.

Liam Ryder Social Studies Teacher​

Liam Ryder (Ireland)

Social Studies Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 7 years
Countries taught in: UK, Greece, France, Portugal
Diplomas: BA Hons Adventure Education, FdSc Marine Science, Secondary PGCE in Geography and MSc in Green Economics (in progress)

During my seagoing career I was fortunate enough to work for the UK Coastguard Service, The British Antarctic Survey and The Natural Environmental Research Council, while sailing on a global itinerary. Later I gained a PGCE in Geography and taught in international schools in the UK, Greece, and France.

Alongside joining the ULIS community, I am now pursuing my belief that learning is a lifelong process by studying part time for a MSc in Green Economics. I believe that contribution is an essential part of a fulfilling life, and for me teaching represents an opportunity to benefit to the world at large by contributing to the education of the young scientists, leaders, and educators of tomorrow.

Amanda Souza (Brazil)​ ESOL and IEL Teacher​

Amanda Souza (Brazil)

ESOL and IEL Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 5 years
Countries taught in: Brazil
Diplomas: Bachelor in Languages (Portuguese and English) and Postgraduate diploma in English and American Studies.

Sharing experiences and feeling a certain connection with the students have always been what I am passionate about being a teacher. Choosing to follow this path has only made me realize more than ever that we always have something new to learn and to improve, we just must be open hearted.

After graduating in Brazil, I had the privilege of living in the USA during the year of 2019 to be part of an exchange program called Au Pair. After that, in the beginning of 2021, I decided to move to Portugal to have my Postgraduate diploma in the University of Lisbon.

I feel genuinely grateful and completely blessed for the opportunity I have been given to work in ULIS and to be part of the amazing team of teachers that makes this school what it is today.

Milena Rakoczy (Poland)​ Primary Support Teacher​

Milena Rakoczy (Poland)

Primary Support Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 11 years
Countries taught in: Poland, Ireland, Portugal
Diplomas: Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, Master’s degree in Pedagogy majoring in Speech and Language Therapy, PG CERT Speech and Language Therapy, PG CERT Speech and Language Pathology, PG CERT Oligophrenopedagogy (Special Education), Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

From the first day that I worked with children, I felt that it was what I wanted to do with my life. I am passionate about giving opportunity to children to grow as open-minded, skilled person. Helping pupils with speech development and giving them tools to evolve is the most beneficial thing I can do for my students.

After I had started my career as a Physiotherapist in 2012, I worked as a Speech and Language Therapist/Speech-Language Pathologist and Support Teacher in Poland. Then I moved to Ireland in 2015, where I continued my career in education, including the Special Education field. Since September 2021, I have lived in Portugal and have been working at International Schools.

I believe in holistic education where “Every child is born a genius” (A. Einstein).

Eva Kiss (Hungary)​ - Elementary Teacher​

Eva Kiss (Hungary)

Elementary Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 5+ years
Countries taught in: Hungary, UK, Portugal

Bachelor of Sciences (Biology and Geography teacher), Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

I am delighted to be a new Hungarian addition to the United Lisbon team.  Following my graduation from Hungary, I spent five years teaching in my home country and there after spent twelve years in England.

Ever since I started teaching, I believe that each student is unique and as a teacher, I need to help and motivate him or her to discover their individual talents while creating a challenging and fun learning environment. I believe that my patience and enthusiasm are the aspects of my personality that make me an excellent educator.

I am honored to be part of the ULIS team and I am looking forward to being part of this most exciting and innovative school.