United Lisbon International School
Online learning at United Lisbon International School

Online learning at United Lisbon International School

The online learning experience has been an exciting time for ULIS staff and students. As hard as it was to close the doors to in-person lessons at United Lisbon International School we embraced the challenge to create the most effective online learning experience as possible for students, parents, and staff.

The online learning journey has had its ups and downs however, the learning opportunities and experiences it has provided to both students and staff has been indispensable. Daily, I have been amazed at my students’ ability to navigate technology, embrace the five ULIS Learning Principles, and continue to encompass the strong connection of the ULIS community.

At ULIS we understand that learning success can only happen when strong partnerships are established. Weekly feedback from students, parents, and colleagues have become an integral component in making the online learning process the best it can be for the whole ULIS learning community.

Daily synchronous lessons, student and parent check-ins, as well as social snacks and lunches, have become the norm during online learning. Although there is nothing quite like face-to-face interactions, connecting with the ULIS community via Microsoft Teams has been invaluable to ensure that the in-person connections remain strong.

From a personal perspective, the online learning experience has taken me out of my comfort zone. It has provided me with the push to explore various digital learning platforms, many of which are now embedded into my everyday teaching practice. I look forward to bringing all that I have learned during this process back into the classroom and begin to explore a blended learning approach once we return to campus.

Not everything has been smooth sailing during these unprecedented times, but I have learned to enjoy the journey and I continue to be inspired by the process.

Nicole Ferreira
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher