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Benefits of Multilingualism for meaningful interaction

Benefits of Multilingualism for meaningful interaction

It is interesting to note that there are currently more multilingual people than
monolingual people in the world and, with globalisation and easy access to
information, multilingualism is increasing significantly. Recent studies have shown that multilingual students tend to be more creative and have more aptitude to solve problems, while it has been found that the more languages one speaks, the easier it is to learn a new one.

Learning a second language is a complex process that depends on many factors. The social context is fundamental for learning a second language. The proper teaching of a language cannot be restricted to a transmission of facts and rules accompanied by memorization by the student. It is the result of opportunities for meaningful interaction with others in the language under study. Children become true bilinguals when there is a genuine need to communicate in both languages. Not long ago, speaking two languages was considered an asset, but today it became a social and professional necessity.

Head of School
José Azcue