United Lisbon International School
United Lisbon International School

Our Leadership Team is closely monitoring the situation resulting from the pandemic, both in Portugal and internationally.

We have planned three scenarios, full opening, blended opening and On-line Learning for how ULIS will be operating at the start of the school year to accommodate the varying and uncertain challenges and limitations that our society may be facing at the time of opening. They are as follows:

Scenario 1, Full Opening is, of course, our desired one!  It involves opening the school under normal circumstances on September 14.  That means that all of our students and faculty are able to access the school facility.  We will, or course, be following all safety precautions advised by local health authorities, and are doing preliminary planning.  Most importantly, school will take place as normal on school grounds.

Scenario 2, Blended Opening , also for September 14, combines both on-campus and on-line teaching / learning options to address the potential of some students and/or faculty unable to enter Portugal or access the school facility due to travel or quarantine restrictions.  In this case, faculty and students who are in Portugal will learn on-site, while providing virtual learning to students who cannot attend the school.  All students and faculty, both in Portugal and outside, will participate in this blended learning program until we can all be physically present at the school.  The same safety precautions put in place for Scenario 1 will be implemented in this Scenario as well.

Scenario 3, On-line Learning, is our plan should there be a resurgence of corona virus and, therefore, a continued closure of schools by the Portuguese authorities.  Given the experience by most schools, faculty members and students over the past few months, we are all experienced in providing on-line/virtual learning, and working together through various software platforms allowing group and class meetings to take place.  This is, of course, the scenario we would all like to avoid, and yet we are ready to implement it should it become necessary.

We will continue to monitor the situation, both locally and internationally over the next couple of months, and will update you regarding the most likely scenario(s) as we move closer to school opening.  The most important thing is that we are looking forward to creating our new United Lisbon community together.  Our plans for the three scenarios are being refined and expanded, and we are ready to support our community and student learning according to the needs and parameters we face in September.  We look forward to the launch of United Lisbon International School on September 14.