United Lisbon International School

Developing the most innovative international school in Portugal

United Lisbon International School is developed to be the most innovative international school in Portugal, providing educational programs that give the students access to the best international diplomas to apply for leading universities worldwide, but also develop their skill-set to be successful in the rapidly evolving world of work. With its vision “to empower and inspire the young generation for a sustainable world”, United Lisbon makes a clear commitment to contributing to the needed change in educational systems to meet the demands for the 21st century.

This ambition is achieved through connecting student learning to real-life contexts and experiences, as well as making meaningful use of modern technologies. Student-driven and project-based learning are deeply integrated into the core curriculum of the school and allowing for learning across disciplines. The school is committed to building a strong partner network with leading institutions from all sectors in Lisbon and with a global outreach.

The school’s mission of “education that matters tomorrow” implies the integration of the best available international diplomas, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, with a wide array of innovative learning opportunities, such as:

Taking learning to world-class institutions in Lisbon, such as at Park of Nations e.g. the Oceanarium, the Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Science Pavilion) or Teatro Camões;
Real-life experiences into the world of work, through joint projects, shadowing opportunities and internships in start-ups, international corporations and (non-)governmental institutions;
Globally connected learning through modern technologies that allows for shared learning experiences with students from other parts of the world;
Individualised learning environments, enabled through people and technology, supporting students in developing their passions and purpose, as well as their individual needs and learner profile;