United Lisbon International School
United Lisbon Main Building

Looking back and looking forward

95 days ago students entered our school for the first time. Opening a new school in the midst of a pandemic brought an unnecessary hurdle. One of our main challenges at that time was how to make United Lisbon a safe school without the feeling of entering an intensive care unit of a hospital.

95 days after, we have been rewarded with no positive cases of COVID among the students but above all, having developed a remarkable learning community. This is the outcome of a joint endeavor by students, parents, teachers, and support staff. One of the most rewarding moments of my day is, early in the morning, welcoming our students. Their joy, camaraderie and courtesy are invigorating.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our remarkable teachers. Jointly we are creating our United Lisbon philosophy and pedagogic style, but each teacher maintains his or her uniqueness. Like in a fruit salad, the right mixture and flavors provide the exquisite end result. The dedication, knowledge, and creativity of our teachers are outstanding. Nothing of these would happen without the vital assistance of an excellent support staff working behind the scenes.  Special thanks to all the parents that last summer did a big “leap of faith” and believed in our project and trusted their children to us. We are very glad that you become the first Families of United Lisbon.

End of the year is time to review the past but also a great opportunity to think about the future. We do not want to become too complacent and self-satisfied. We are aware of some of our short-comings and want to continue to improve. We need parent feedback to help us grow, and are always working towards making what is good, even better.

José Azcue
Head of School