We present to you our core team of teachers

José Azcue, PhD (CA/PT)

José Azcue, PhD (CA/PT)

Head of School (Lead Principal)

Experience in Teaching: 25 Years
Countries taught in: Brazil, Canada and Portugal
Diplomas: PhD Geochemistry, Masters in Environmental Chemistry, Diploma for International School Leadership, IB Diploma School Visit Team Leader

José has more than 25 years’ experience in international education and is widely engaged with the IB (International Baccalaureate Organization). He holds a Masters from University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a PhD from Waterloo University in Canada. José has served as Headmaster of an international school and been actively involved in teaching, developing teaching material, running workshops and online teacher training. José considers himself fortunate living in Lisbon and enjoying his spare time with his family.

It is a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of a new international school that aims for innovation and excellence. The positive approach and welcoming attitude of the team are contagious.

Teresa Monteiro

Teresa Monteiro (PT)

General Manager

Diplomas: Management Degree from the International University of Lisbon, MBA with specialization in marketing from the Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration at the Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland

Teresa is the General Manager at the United Lisbon International School. Before joining ULIS, she served as School Manager and Business Developer for Knightsbridge Schools International, in Algarve. Prior to working in education, Teresa worked for 20 years in the Portuguese ceramics industry where Teresa ended up holding board positions in the largest ceramics producer in Portugal and in the technological centre as well as the central association.

Teresa Monteiro holds a Management Degree from the International University of Lisbon, an MBA with specialization in marketing from the Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, and recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration at the Glion Institute of Higher Education, in Switzerland.  

Megan Kuemmerlin

Megan Kuemmerlin (US)

Elementary School Principal

Experience in Teaching: 14 years
Countries taught in: USA, Brazil, China
Diplomas: Bachelor in Elementary Education, Masters in International Education Administration

As an experienced educational leader I believe in building a strong learning community.  I am a situational leader who highlights collaboration, empowerment, and ethics. At the heart of my philosophy is connecting and building relationships with students, families, teachers, and staff to improve student learning. I am innovative in approaching and solving problems to move the school forward toward its mission and vision. I’m passionate about education because of the daily opportunity we have to impact students’ lives. 

I am excited about United Lisbon’s strong vision and an innovative and connected approach to education. I love that the school highly regards the development of students’ core values & skills to help each child thrive in and contribute to tomorrow’s world. I’m excited to be a part of a strong team of educators to cultivate a culture that works to promote holistic student learning. I am also thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of the Education Hub to unite the community together.

Kyriakos Koursaris

Kyriakos Koursaris (CY)

Education Technology Specialist

Experience in Teaching: 12 Years
Countries taught in: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Portugal
Diplomas: Masters in Music Ed. and Didactics, Post-Graduate Course in Technologies and Robotics in Education; Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert & Fellow

After my Masters in Music Education & Didactics and a Master of Choir Conducting from Charles University in Prague, I discovered my real passion, which is educational technology. I worked as Technology Integration Specialist in various schools and institutions, administered and facilitated technology-rich teaching and learning, guided collaborative curricular innovation as well as faculty and staff training/support, and ensured system service, reliability and consistency.

The excitement of being part of a new school is extremely rewarding, as well as professionally challenging. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a new and passionate founding team whose objective is to put together one of the best international schools of the country and become a worldwide reference.

The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework, intended for Microsoft Flagship schools, is by far one of the most innovative and unique educational programs, which puts a strong emphasis to the wellbeing of the student and the teacher alike, while developing the necessary skills and competences to succeed in a future of constant change and technological advancement.

Shannon Wischusen

Shannon Wischusen (US)

Early Childhood Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 5 years
Countries taught in: USA
Diplomas: Masters in Early Childhood Special Education

I am a preschool teacher from New York City, and I am thrilled to be joining the team at United Lisbon. I value play-based pedagogy and integrate social-emotional learning into all elements of the preschool curriculum. In my classroom, you will see student-directed and inquiry-based instruction, and my goal is to act as the facilitator to the authentic learning that happens in the classroom. Outside of teaching, I am passionate about yoga and mindfulness and I love to bring these practices into the classroom to share with my students.
I am joining United Lisbon to be a part of a world-class international school in a beautiful and diverse city.

Monica Lee

Monica Lee (ZM)

Early Childhood Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 25 years
Countries taught in: Lusaka, China, Sweden 
Diplomas: MA Education – Teaching and Learning. Diploma Montessori Education. Undergraduate Cert – Early childhood. 

Originally from Zambia, I have worked at different international schools and lived in India, Malaysia, China, and Sweden. I enjoy cooking, writing, and painting. 

My teaching approach is based on the belief that children learn through meaningful play and are naturally motivated to explore as they go through developmental stages. My role is to be flexible and build on learners’ prior knowledge, initiative, creativity, and communication skills.    

I am excited by the prospect of shaping new educational experiences for our 21st-century learners at ULIS and feel privileged to be living in the beautiful country of Portugal! 

Tyler Shepard

Tyler Shepard (US)

Elementary School Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 5 years
Countries taught in: USA, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Malta
Diplomas: Bachelor in Elementary Education

To me, energy, positivity and movement are essentials, both in and out of the classroom. I enjoy being active as well as keeping up with current events and new technologies. Learning is a passion of mine, and I believe I do it best when I make connections to those around me. I can’t wait to collaborate with you in person!

I am joining United Lisbon because of its vision to prepare young learners for tomorrow’s world. I want to contribute my knowledge and skills to grow a school, while also growing as an Educator.

Richard Duarte (CA) English Language Learners Specialist

Richard Duarte (CA)

English Language Learners Specialist

Experience in Teaching: 20+ Years
Countries taught in: Canada, Portugal
Diplomas: Masters in Education, PhD in ESL

I’m from Toronto, Canada. I completed my undergraduate degree at Concordia University in Montreal and completed my Masters’ degree in education in 2003.
I’m currently doing my PhD in ESL teaching with Universidade Nova. I’ve been teaching ESL for over 20 years. I live in Lisbon and I love animals.
Chika Wakamori Burnham

Chika Wakamori Burnham (JP)

Early Childhood Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 13 years
Countries taught in: Japan, CNMI, USA
Diplomas: Masters in Early Childhood Education

As a lifelong learner, teaching is my lifework and how I keep growing personally and professionally. I love self-teaching through discovery and experimenting in my own life, from cutting my hair to sewing a Halloween costume to moving to places that my intuition takes me to. My passion is also to write and illustrate children’s books, and my students are my inspiration. I find arts and crafts, especially with paper, such as origami and drawing, relaxing and meditative.

My motivation to join United Lisbon is to pursue my passion for quality teaching and learning as a starting member of the school. The school’s mission motivates me to utilize my teaching experience in diverse settings and multicultural life experiences. I feel supported to practice my love of whole-child development through inquiry-based learning and student agency.

Travis Burnham

Travis Burnham (US)

STEM Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20 years
Countries taught in: USA, Japan, Colombia, CNMI
Diplomas: Bachelor in Biology, Bachelor in Botany, Masters in Creative Writing

I am passionate about learning and teaching science. I ensure that my enthusiasm for science is contagious by giving assignments that are interesting and meaningful. I’m a published writer of short stories and have a few novels looking for homes. I love live music and the ocean, and to travel, snowboard, write, read, and squeeze as much as possible out of life.

To teach and be on the ground floor of the exciting, new project that is United Lisbon International School! And to help young people become engaged and engaging world citizens!

Carrere Tirrell (US) Elementary School Teacher

Carrere Tirrell (US)

Elementary School Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 8 years
Countries taught in: USA, Brazil
Diplomas: Associates in Early Childhood, Bachelors of Geography, Masters in Early Childhood Education and Creative Arts Learning

There was no question about what I wanted to do when I grew up. I loved school and hated to miss a single class or day so naturally I became a teacher.  Beyond the classroom I enjoy being out in nature and exploring, camping, hiking and I never pass up the opportunity to get to the beach!  
We are always learning, even teachers and I excited to be joining such an impressive community of educators and continue my growth as an educator here at ULIS.  
Paul Pereira (US) Social studies/Humanities Teacher

Paul Pereira (US)

Social studies/Humanities Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 28 years
Countries taught in: USA, China
Diplomas: Bachelor in History, Masters in History. School Building Leader Certified

I was born in Portugal but have lived in the United States for over 40 years. I have spent the last 28 years teaching at a public high school in suburban Nassau County in New York. I am very excited for the opportunity to return, with my wife and three children, to the country of my birth and to be part of the vision of United Lisbon International School.
I am passionate about my subject but above all else I am passionate about young learners and their ability to make real world connections through the social sciences as they prepare to be life-long learners and citizens of the world.
Zack Berg

Zack Berg (US)

Physical Education Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 3 years
Countries taught in: USA, Dominican Republic, and Morocco
Diplomas: BSc in Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education

I am an energetic and optimistic person who spends too much time being physically active. You can find me running, playing sports, or hiking most of the time. Otherwise I enjoy reading and spending time with friends, making connections and relationships almost anywhere I go. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you as well

I am excited to join United Lisbon to develop a physical education program I can be proud of. I firmly believe in the vision that United Lisbon has set in motion, and am ready to contribute to the team. I am thrilled to be part of an inspiring and motivated growing community that will allow me to grow as an educator and a person, in a part of the world I always dreamed of living.  

Joan Hermanson

Joan Hermanson (US)

Art Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20 Plus years
Countries taught in: Previously taught in Portugal

I am passionate in building relationships and finding ways to help spark creativity in each student. Being a part of the mission of United Lisbon and working with a team of motivated, attentive, and focused educators, in a culturally rich and historic country, is a dream role. I have had the privilege of living and teaching in Portugal and am so excited to be a part of developing creative, caring and sustainable friendships. Taking walks, listening to music, travelling to new places, and spending great moments with family and friends makes me happy!

Maria João Paiva

Maria João Paiva (PT)

Physical Education Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 15 years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Degree in Physical Education and Sports with specialization in Dance

I am a hands-on person who always tries to find the best way to connect to others. In the past I was a competitive volleyball player and professional swimmer. Nowadays I love being active and spend most of my free time swimming or inventing new dance routines. I’m known to encourage students to discover their true self through sports and love to spend time after class helping them grow.

I am excited to join the United Lisbon founding team and be able to put my mark in a program as challenging and rewarding as ours. I was born and raised in Lisbon so this is a proud moment for me, to have an education hub in my city that will allow students to find themselves and to thrive as individuals looking brightly towards the future.

Joana Guilherme (PT) Portuguese Language Teacher

Joana Guilherme (PT)

Portuguese Language Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 8 years
Countries taught in: Portugal, UK
Diplomas: Degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Masters in Translation and PhD Educational Psychology

As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Teachers have the privilege to shape people’s lives, to broaden their perspective and to show their students that there is always something more to be achieved. While I’m teaching, I always try to challenge my students to think, to create, to collaborate and to question everything, because today’s society needs active citizens, ready to change the world.

As for my professional experience, I have worked as a Portuguese tutor in the University of Leeds and as an English Teacher in several Portuguese schools. Right now, I can’t wait to start this new experience and get to know my students!

Andreia Azevedo

Andreia Azevedo (PT)

Music Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 20 years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Degree in Music with specialization in Education

I am a very optimistic, cheerful, organized and committed person.
I chose this profession because I love learning with children and hearing their voices gives me a lot of peace of mind.
I like to listen to music, sing and play. I like to travel and to be with my family.
Besides being a teacher, I’m an orchestra musician.
I am very happy to be part of this team in this promising project.

Alessandra Barreto

Alessandra Barreto (IT)

Elementary School Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 14 years
Countries taught in: Brazil, USA
Diplomas: Bachelor in Civil Engineer, Bachelor in Elementary Education and School Administration

Teaching has always been my passion! I started my career as a Civil Engineer but my passion for education made me change paths. My classroom is never quiet because I believe it is important to let students know their ideas are valued and will be heard and shared. Besides teaching, I love reading, traveling, and dancing ballet.

I’m excited to join United Lisbon because it’s a school that is shaping the future of education, engaging with new technology, and partnering with culturally rich corporations to prepare students for their future in a dynamic world. Can’t wait to meet you all and start this journey together!

Mónica Bastos

Mónica Bastos (PT)

School Counselor & SEN

Experience in Teaching: 22 years
Countries taught in: Portugal
Diplomas: Degree in Psychology

Throughout my career I had the opportunity to work in clinical psychology (private practice and neuropsychology in hospitals) and educational psychology. This is undoubtedly what I love to do the most. I have several years of experience working in schools with students (some with learning disabilities and special needs), parents/families, teachers and the school community. 

As a counselor in United Lisbon, I hope to contribute to create a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment to all the students, so that they may accomplish full development in academic areas, personal, emotional and social growth and career development, according to their age, skills and personal interests. It is with great enthusiasm that I embrace this new educational challenge at United Lisbon. It is extraordinary being part of such a professional and motivated founding team.

Aine Feeney

Aine Feeney (IR)

English, Social Studies & Science

Experience in Teaching: 9 years
Countries taught in: Ireland, USA
Diplomas: Bachelor in Medicinal Chemistry, Bachelor in Education and Irish Language, Masters in Educational Management and Leadership (ongoing)

I believe that real learning can happen for students when their social and emotional needs are being met. Over the years I have taught from the primary through secondary sections in my schools and I enjoy nothing more than supporting students in their unique learning journeys at the different developmental stages. My pedagogy is guided by student-led inquiry and a conceptual approach. I care about student-action and adapting the curriculum to respond to real-world current events.

I’m really looking forward to working with everyone in the United Lisbon International School community to create a new school culture and prepare resilient learners for the future. We are especially fortunate to be founding United Lisbon in a moment when education and schooling are changing forever and where all involved will learn and grow together.

Nicole Ferreira

Nicole Ferreira (ZAF)

Elementary School Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 8 years
Countries taught in: South Africa, The Netherlands
Diplomas: Bachelor in Early Childhood Development, Masters in Curriculum Development

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As someone who is passionate about teaching and learning, I value the whole learning process and understand the importance of empowering students with the necessary skills and values needed to be successful in tomorrow’s world.

United Lisbon’s forward-looking philosophy, active learning pedagogy, and continuous innovation to ensure best outcomes for students, makes me excited to be part of the founding team. Through my own professional and personal inquiries, I hope to inspire students to be lifelong inquirers, happy individuals and good citizens that feel part of a wider community. 

Raquel Paixão

Raquel Paixão (PT)

Portuguese Language Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 14 years
Countries taught in: Portugal, USA
Diplomas: Degree in Linguistics, Masters and PhD in Iberian Linguistics

My passion for language teaching comes from several experiences working and learning in different educational settings, including elementary schools and language schools in Portugal and higher education programs in the United States. For eight years, I lived in California and taught Portuguese in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UC Santa Barbara. During that time, I also completed a master’s and a PhD in Iberian Linguistics, focusing my research on the area of Second Language Teaching Methodology.
I really enjoy reflecting on different ways to foster students’ interest in language learning and to help them develop their abilities so that they can successfully accomplish their goals. I am delighted to join the United Lisbon International School team, and I am eager to continue learning and developing my passion for language teaching in such an exciting and innovative environment.

Evey Koen

Evey Koen (US)

STEM Teacher

Experience in Teaching: 10+ years
Countries taught in: UK, USA
Diplomas: BA and Masters of Education

After traveling and experiencing many parts of the world, I am very excited to establish some roots in Portugal and more so to be at United Lisbon. My teaching goal is to help students build confidence and develop a thirst for learning mathematics. I encourage problem solving and active learning throughout the learning process to help develop my students’ inquisitive natures through project-based learning.

My passion is to allow students to explore mathematics in community-based settings and use real life examples based on their interests. I want my students to know that I genuinely care about their success.