United Lisbon Summer Camp

Swimming, Theatre and Football at United Lisbon Summer Camp will take place during the morning periods between 9am and 12 noon. In the afternoon, between 2pm and 5.30pm, there will be several activities of discovery, pedagogical and artistic. On Wednesday, the participants in Theatre, Swimming and Football will leave the school for activities related to biodiversity awareness and preservation, where they will have unique experiences and moments full of joy and emotion.

In Swimming, children learn through observation and socialisation to develop autonomy in water. The stimuli received in lessons contribute to a good physical, mental and emotional development, preparing children for a more complex cognitive reasoning.
At United Lisbon International School’s Summer Camp, swimming will be carried out according to a model of “Recreational Play”. This is an adjustable and versatile method in which adaptation to the aquatic environment (for beginners) and elementary learning is developed in a playful and recreational perspective, working very well for small or medium sized groups.

The United Lisbon Summer Camp

Drama and Theatre
Over the two weeks, students will work in two groups to produce a final performance. To enhance acting skills, students will explore and understand stagecraft proxemics, miming, voice work, and character development. Students will work with a script, learn lines, examine how to create tension, and develop believable performances.
These concepts will be adapted to meet the needs of each age group. The groups will develop cooperation and teamwork skills, build confidence, and, most importantly, have fun!

The training sessions of Sporting CP Soccer Academy ULIS are based on and evaluated according to the methodological guidelines defined by Sporting Clube de Portugal.
The methods implemented to train and teach football will allow children and young practitioners to continuously develop various skills (technical-tactical, physical, psychological, and social) and competences. This course also includes a guided visit to the museum of the current National Champion, Sporting CP.

This year the Summer Camp takes place from 5th July to 16th July.